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sashi why didn't you like the episode???!!! D: there was brother hugging and dean sacrificing benny for sam and sam being an actual hero and interacting with bobby?? I know it messed up a lot of canon though... is that why?? <3

No okay, I didn’t /hate/ it, but the errors were just… too much for me.

Like the things you said are all great. I love love love that we got Dean literally doing ANYTHING, even beheading his good friend, to save Sam. And I liked how Benny went, it seemed fitting, like the last time we saw him, he seemed to be really struggling with how being back on earth was like torture for a vegetarian vampire. And Sam being Sam and actually getting screen time was good. And that brother hug made me squeak like some kind of psychotic banshee. and some little details were cool too like I liked the graffiti turning into the portal graphics, and I love kevin omg, and Dean’s conversation with Kevin was fantastic. I’m so glad he’s found his will to live again and conquered the crippling suicidal depression he had going on last season.

but the continuity errors, dude! like, one or two is frustrating yet tolerable. but the ENTIRE episode was fiiiiiilled with them aslkjdha

the time difference between hell and earth was gone. the fact that a reaper, an overwhelmingly powerful being that answers to NO ONE except for Death himself, was being bossed around by a mere demon and forcing a heaven-bound soul to hell, and for some reason voluntarily staying on the human plane and not disappearing like we know reapers can when he was in danger?? and that there was already established canon that it’s not so easy to kill a reaper but suddenly angel swords can too for some reason. and then there’s a ton of impossible conveniences, like bobby’s soul hanging out RIGHT near the secret entrance, and benny finding sam instantly, and them making it to the portal to earth in like no time at all. and I could rant for a very long time about how its like “oh poor kevin, stuck in this place and feeling like he’s in danger and is starving half the time.. welp bye we’re gonna go back to our impossible to infiltrate bunker that is super comfortable and filled with food and warm beds!” like. you took the weird god dude and his family to the bunker, but you won’t take the prophet kid that you seem to care about and are depending on to it?

I dunno. I like the main things going on like the plot in general, but there are just so many details that are just so wrong that it’s really off-putting. Hence I said I had mixed feelings. 

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  1. thewinchesterswagger said: Didn’t they call them “rogue reapers” though? Maybe that means they’re cut off from Death and no longer have his protection. Like angels when they’re cut off from heaven, they lose their power supply. /my attempt at filling the plot hole
  2. sahraylia said: hmm yes i see your points
  3. nerdygamerchick said: I’m glad i’m not the only one pained by the continuity errors & the non-canon. The reaper being killed w/ the angel blade really bugged me & my bf. The ep felt rushed to me. Too much story to cover & could have been more emotion filled if given time.
  4. thegeminisage said: UGH UGH UGH ALL OF THIS, and most of it would have been pretty easy to fix, but no ; ;
  5. casey2j said: Continuity fails are my main reason to leave
  6. gore-pop said: Benny’s death kind of bugged me, because it felt like Meg’s all over again- sacrificing a side character for no real reason except tying up loose ends
  7. hagravens said: wasn’t there some rumor going around that the writers were using the spn wiki to check canon? as in they weren’t fully familiar with it themselves? it doesn’t seem that far fetched after some eps this season
  8. vennstiel said: All of these things. Can you please make this rebloggable?
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