Season 2 is just

so good

♥ 38 — 2 years ago on 23 Apr 2012
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  4. freakingwitches said: the greatest season that ever lived.
  5. iwannalickyourimpala said: it’s too good for our own sake
  6. jaredbottoms said: the best season tbh. now i really want to watch ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’
  7. samprincesschester said: BEST SEASON
  8. gankingghouls said: fav season tbh
  9. ifoundsammysshoe said: It’s so amazing, with Dean’s sacrafice for Sam, and giving Sam a plot with being one of Azazel’s “special kids.” Now I want to watch All Hell Breaks Loose. I just love it so much!
  10. archivedtexasbowlegs said: SEASON 2 IS THE BEST SEASON NDJKSNFKJSD
  11. wendigo said: the best season ugh
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  13. impalacest said: no. it’s not. it’s terrible.
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