30 down. If I make it to 50, I’m throwing a party

♥ 29 — 2 years ago on 23 Mar 2012
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  2. yes-havesome-deactivated20140730 said: I don’t understand. I’m a Dean-girl and Cas is my baby, and I wasn’t offended by anything you said…
  3. vyalava said: Can I come to the party? I will bring cake and silly hats.
  4. sammyspygmypuff said: If you have a party, I’ll bring the glowsticks!
  5. staceymayay said: It was the heeaat of the moment. TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO NOW.
  6. alphamccall-archives said: I’m a fan of Cas. but I’m not as invested in the show as others. buuut the posts you made about while liveblogging saying you were laughing at the Cas situation rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sure it bothered your unfollowers too. but it’s your blog :)
  7. dani-mynameforevermore said: Whatever. Haters be hatin on you and you could care less. Go you
  8. da-nah-eh said: REALLY?! That many people! I LOVE Cas, but you didn’t even say anything offensive. That’s your opinion and no matter how others feel they should respect that, even if they don’t agree! I’m not unfollowing you.
  9. captain--spooky said: I’m a hardcore destiel shipper, and I don’t get it. Did I miss a post or something? :/
  10. mrswannabebuckybarnes said: CAN I COME?!?!
  11. ceilingninja said: I legit cannot find anything offensive about your posts. And I say that as a Destiel fan. So idek what they’re smoking.
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