I keep seeing among the BEAUTIFUL love in my askbox the same few questions asked, so here are a few answers

[this is actually very hard to force myself to do because I was SERIOUSLY against this in the first place…but I can’t stop this train now]

~You can donate money of any amount to my paypal: chibi.coco@gmail.com 

~No I don’t have other methods of donation set up, I wasn’t ever intending to take donations, so NOTHING is set up for this. Uh. Does the tumblr Mel set up have anything? I don’t know. Go poke donateforsashi and see what they might have set up.

~At this very moment, I have received $17,440 and I cannot even BEGIN to wrap my brain around this unfathomable number.

~ I also do not have proof on me other than emergency bills? Like I said, this was not planned. I wasn’t the one that made the post that started everything, I didn’t even know this was going to happen. I was content on distracting myself with SPN episodes and video games, but I came back to tumblr and this AMAZING PROOF OF THE BEAUTY IN HUMANITY happened. 

~ I have gotten two, only two [which is amazing] messages trying to call me out as a liar because I “don’t look sick”. I’m not even remotely mad about this because it’s just silly. What do you think tumors make people look like? Yes, endometriosis CAN kill women in severe cases if gone untreated, because it creates cysts and tumors that destroy your internal organs. But yeah, I’m not mad, I understand that people just simply don’t understand. And that’s fine. 

I just want to say thank you again. Because I can’t stop thanking you all enough. This is absolutely overwhelming, completely unexpected, and so god damned beautiful. Family truly doesn’t end with blood, and I love you all so freaking much. Thank you for not only opening your hearts and wallets, but giving me the strength to keep going.

♥ 323 — 2 years ago on 24 Jan 2012
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    Maybe humanity is not totally lost. We can be beautiful and caring for someone else.
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    Hey, my gorgeous Gryffindors. You’ve probably seen this on your dash already, but this is Miss Sashi, who’s definitely...
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    Damn, nearly $18,000. Tumblr rocks.
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