I woke up yesterday with a fever and a bunch of other really lame cold symptoms, which sucks. so I laid down to take a nap in the middle of the day, and I only just woke up. hello, 17 hours of sleep

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Their brothers you sick fuck!! Not boyfriends!!

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hello, satan? hi, yeah, I’d like to sell my soul in exchange for having the entire series of How to Get Away With Murder right now. yeah, you can totally have my soul after I marathon it. thanks xoxo

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#THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE SEEN TODAY #IS A SORTING POST THAT PUT THESE TWO IN GRYFFINDOR AND HUFFLEPUFF (FUCKING. HUFFLEPUFF) RESPECTIVELY #if you don’t think ALL of these kids are slytherins #these two ESPECIALLY #you are watching the show wrong #look at them #the two quietest; most righteous; most MORAL of the group #performing the SHIT out of their alibi. like nothing is even wrong #contrasting with connor and mikaela who are falling the fuck apart #this is what the show is trying to say - that there is the person you want to be #the person you try to be; strive to be #and then the person you are inside #the one that shows up in terror and horrific situations and takes over #to make sure you survive #and for wealthy well to do kids like connor they never have to tap into that #so when it happens they freak the fuck out #but not these two. their eyes are wide open #lie about the coin flip; construct an alibi #do whatever they have to in order to survive #smh at anyone who thinks wes is some confused cute innocent kid tbh #in the flashforwards he’s not even desperate - he’s CALCULATING 

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Don’t you dare touch Amy Jr.

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Ruby Appreciation Week: Day 3 » Ruby’s Relationships

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Book Quotes

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